How Green Coffee Supreme™ Works

  • Releases and Burns the Fat & Sugar in your body
  • Helps you lose weight fast
  • Suppresses hunger and cravings
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A doctor show revealed the incredible results of Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show last year, and ever since then the world has gone crazy over this 100% natural supplement for rapid weight loss. Green Coffee Bean Extract is well known and documented for its amazing weight-loss efficiency.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is so powerful that the doctor gave it his stamp of approval. He has reviewed the studies and cross-checked them with other experts in the industry who concur with his evaluation. Chlorogenic Acid (the active ingredient) is the major factor that causes Green Coffee Beans to be so effective in helping people accomplish their weight loss goals. It is a break-through discovery in the fitness world – that a 100% natural substance with no side effects causes rapid weight loss. This makes Green Coffee Bean Extract sensational.

On average the clinical trial subjects lost 18 lbs each. That was 19% of their overall body fat and 11.5% body weight.

Prominent Doctor explains the benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Bean - Losing Weight Fast

Let's cut to the chase: The most recent clinical study on green coffee bean published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity science journal followed a test group of 16 adults who supplemented with green coffee bean for only 12 weeks. The subjects lost an average of 18 pounds each – this was 11.5% of their overall body weight and 19% of their overall body fat over the period of the study! As importantly, there were no negative side effects reported.


The Benefits of Green Coffee

America's Hottest Way To A Flat Belly

The big question: "How do green coffee beans prevent weight gain and accelerate weight loss?"

The key ingredient is not the caffeine as once thought. The real key is a natural active compound called Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid works by limiting the release of glucose (sugar) into your bloodstream after you eat, which forces your body to use existing energy stores in your fat cells. This gives a dramatic boost to your metabolism from 2 different angles, simultaneously. This is why the process is described as "burning more fat", but your body is using existing fat stores as if you are doing strenuous exercise. These two mechanisms work in synergy to inhibit the absorption of fat and help in facilitating fast weight loss. 

So what about the coffee you drink with breakfast in the morning, does that do the same thing? Unfortunately it doesn't. When the coffee beans are roasted at 475 degrees the chlorogenic acid is degraded and does

not have the same structure and properties. Green coffee beans have not been roasted, so the potent fat burning chlorogenic acid is still in its natural, active state.  Unroasted, green coffee beans are naturally green when they are taken from the plant so they contain over 50% chlorogenic acid.

A Rush of Success Stories

Tens of thousands of people are trying Green Coffee Supreme across America (and other countries too) and they are finding great success and fulfillment with it. Most of them started out feeling skeptical, but now they're are living testimonials after experiencing success in their quests to lose weight. From the testimonials we've seen, losing weight is not just about looking better, but being more confident and healthier which has made an impact on all aspects of their lives.

It's truly a surprise that a 100% natural substance can be more effective than expensive designer medicine, and without the side-effects! We've shown some of the testimonials we have received on this page, and that's only some of the emails, letters and pictures we have been sent that show how powerful Green Coffee Supreme is. Now the trials are over, Green Coffee Supreme is available for people to try (FOR ONLY $1.99 S&H Charge!) and see the results for themselves.




I started having trouble with my weight in middle school, so you can imagine how desperate I was to finally look and feel like a normal person. I finally tried Green Coffee Supreme, and fortunately I will NEVER try another diet again! Thank you Green Coffee Supreme!

Trisha Hacketstown, NJ


I had tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked. Nothing until I found Green Coffee Supreme. My life has changed for the better after losing 60 lbs. I'm not scared of the mirror any more! If this diet worked for me then it can work for anyone!

istine Dublin, CA




Natural Way to Burn Fat


As Shown in Studies


Produced from Coffee Beans


50% Chlorogenic Acid

The facts

Green coffee bean helps burn fat

Coffee's effects on weight loss and glycemic control (when your body releases or stores energy in adipose tissue - fat cells) have been attributed to Chlorogenic Acid, Lignans, Trigonelline, and Quinides, all of which have been shown to improve glucose metabolism in animal and human studies.

The clinical studies have been made on Green Coffee Bean Extract suggest that Chlorogenic Acid slows the absorption of fat from food/calorie intake and simultaneously activates metabolism of stored energy in body fat.

For a more scientific explanation, Chlorogenic Acid has specifically been shown to inhibit the glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme which promotes the formation of glucose (sugar) in the liver. Doctors believe that the Chlorogenic Acid in coffee is responsible for the reduced risk of disorders like diabetes, with long-term coffee consumption. Full clinical studies can be found in the science journals on The US National Library of Medicine website.

A natural way to lose weight

100% Natural

"Green coffee Bean" refers to the raw and unroasted seeds (the beans) of the coffee fruit. Studies show that there are no side effects with this all natural green coffee bean pill, and that is helps burn sugar and fat in your blood and liver.

Green Coffee Supreme™

  • All Natural ingredients
  • No Fillers and Binders
  • GCA® (green coffee antioxidant)
  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid
  • 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract